As living beings, we are manifestations of billions of years of universal, cosmological, and geological evolution. Collectively, as human beings, we are also manifestations of physical, biological, personal, social, economic, political, cultural, technological, ecological, and metaphysical evolution.

Every one of us has a contribution to this collective project of humanity in this interconnected and interdependent experience of life in a universe full of complexity and diversity as members of the unified whole of existence.

At this moment, we are gaining greater awareness of how life achieved such unity in diversity. Life is a university. We learn from each other and with each other. None of us is really an individual, because we are inseparable from the collective. However, it is our individuality that enhances the life of the collective.

We honour the contributions of each and every life, and we welcome your contributions to the shared experience of learning how to build personal, social, and ecological resilience.

Help us to answer the question, “How can we build resilience?”—especially, in this moment of global crisis. If there was a time when we needed resilience, it is now.

Support the effort by investing your time, energy, and resources in building resilience. Join with us to explore how we imagine, design, and build the future together.

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