Wondering how Resilience fares when it comes to privacy and GDPR rules? Good news: this publication does not use any tracking cookies of any kind.

As a subscriber, your data will be used only to serve you the content that you have asked for. We have no other use for your private information. Why, because advertising, marketing, public relations, the attention economy, and surveillance capitalism are designed as an extension of a system of colonization that has been engaged in social manipulation, economic control, and political domination of large populations of human beings. These systems have led to multiple systemic crises and the fragile and precarious state of human civilization in which we are living through, which we are calling the Anthropocene.

The reason this publication exists is to reverse the industrial machine of entropy that these systems serve. To create the kind of world that works for all, we are exploring a different way of being in the world that realizes the syntropy that led to the beauty of this universe and this life. We aspire to building resilience by reclaiming our influence, capacity, and agency from these systems in order to regain our humanity and restore the living systems of this planet.

We can stop dehumanizing each other by refusing to treat people like consumers and users of products, target markets for sales conversions, and audiences to maintain the corporate monopoly over public discourse. So, we respect your privacy. Period.

Respecting privacy is how we respect each other’s humanity.

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